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How To Realize Basic Spanish - A Newbies Basics 31

How To Realize Basic Spanish - A Newbies Basics 31

In this article we aim to give you with an effortless to comply with guide on the basics of the Spanish language, concentrating on the variations amongst Spanish and English sentence structure.

affordable health insuranceSentence Structure

If you want to comprehend simple Spanish you need to know that the major distinction among English and Spanish is in the way that sentences are constructed. Firstly let us look at a typical Spanish sentence.

Me gusta el vino espanol.

This sentence means

I like Spanish wine.

Did you notice that in the English version wine comes following Spanish, but in the Spanish sentence vino comes before espanol? This is simply because in the Spanish language the adjective (an adjective is word than is employed to describe something,in this case we have employed espanol, which indicates Spanish), often comes right after the noun (a noun is fundamentally another name for a thing, in this case vino meaning wine).

So if I wanted to say, I like white wine, in Spanish I would say Me gusta vino blanco. Blanco signifies white in Spanish.

The rule applies whether we are referring to a drink or a person.

The English sentence A Spanish man.

Would translate in Spanish to Un senor espanol

Have you noticed an additional distinction amongst the English and Spanish sentences? In the example we have utilized we can see that espanol begins with a lower case, or modest e, but in English when saying Spanish we use a capital S, this is because any reference to a country in English really should have a capital letter at the commence of the word, but in Spanish you would only use a capital letter when employing the nations name straight.

If we say Soy de Espana

This translates as,

I am of Spain

Since we used Espana which is the name on the country it gets a capital letter. Dig up more about english to french translation canada by going to our wonderful encyclopedia. Therefore if I say

Soy amricano(I am an American man). In Spanish we have a tiny a, as opposed to

Soy de Amrica(I am of America). Simply because we use the word for America (which is named a correct noun) we use an A.

How To Recognize Queries

In English we can change a statement to a question by adding the word DO and a question mark (?). As an example the statement you have a pencil could be one thing I say as I hand more than a pencil or merely a statement of fact. For supplementary information, you are encouraged to check-out: interpreter. But if I say do you have a pencil?, then there is no doubt that I am asking a question.

There is no word for DO in Spanish so we have to have one more of way of realizing that the sentence we have just started out is a question. To do this the Spanish language makes use of two question marks ?, the inverted one particular at the commence of the sentence and the standard a single at the end. For that reason:

Tiene un lapiz, (tiene can mean you have and lapiz is pencil)

This statement becomes a question when we add and ?.

Tiene un lapiz? so if you see the question mark at the start off of a sentence you know that you have to alter the tone of your voice to make it questioning.

We hope that these few suggestions may make understanding basic Spanish that tiny bit easier for you, and hopefully got you excited about mastering much more!.Translate Canada 1000 Finch Avenue West, Suite 900, Toronto, ON M3J2V5

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